Who is still in the race?

(Hossein Jalali) #1

By now there may be some of us who have given up or for many reasons unable to continue as we had hoped but on the other hand many of you have been sticking to the program and are now enjoying the results.

Training and healthy eating has become a part of your life, it is now natural and quite easy, sometimes you think to yourself how did I not do this earlier? Well good for you! This is the best stage.

Keep it up. Only 2 weeks left and while The Body Challenge is over, your personal one will continue for the rest of your lives.

Good luck to all! Keep up the good work.

(Maria Pinky Mendez) #2

Training and healthy eating has become part of my daily routine. Thank you.

(Patricia Panuelos) #3

Hello everyone. I’ve been up with this challenge though I am coming from abu dhabi. I haven’t tried any of the bootcamps provided, but I attend crossfits classes here and follow some wod’s everytime I go to the gym. As per my weight, it keeps coming up and down every now and then, lessened the carbs,sweets,no sodas. I haven’t dropped my weight dramatically but I have been working out since day 1 of the challenge. I guess the reward I will get will be my enthusiasm in getting fit. It takes time but I know I have gained strength and stamina for now. Well, we have a couple of weeks more. Good luck to us and keep on getting fit.

Activities: crossfit, dragonboating, spartan, burpees challenge (#1000beforexmas)


Foward ever ,backward never …lets continue the fight against fat ,no pain no gain