Water ... How much do you need to drink?

(Sara Hart) #1

So… Is there a way to calculate how much water you are supposed to drink per day? :cup_with_straw: :cup_with_straw:

I know there is the “8 glasses a day” rule but to me it does not sound right that everyone is supposed to drink the same amount of water. To me it would make sense that weight, climate, activity level, and probably some other variables play a role when trying to determine how much water you need to drink.

Thank you for any pointers!

(Hossein Jalali) #2

Hi Sara,

Actually 8 glasses is usually the minimum of what you need to drink, meaning if your activity is above average etc. you should drink more. In general too much drink water doesn’t really hurt but too little does.

I will leave it to @Jordan_Branford to explain more.

(Sara Hart) #3

I found this article which is pretty interesting and not too long (Always good :blush:).

It mentions the “8 glasses a day” rule but also offers a more in depth way to figure out your personal daily water goal.
Male vs. Female
Age (Adult vs. Kid, Kids divided into three afe groups)
Pregnant or breastfeeding

@Jordan_Branford what are your thoughts about the article? Do you have a good “rule of thumb” you can share with us? Thanks.

(Mandy Milward) #4

Living and training in Dubai, I’ve always been advised that between 3 to 4 liters is good. I am terrible as if I get 1 liter in me a day…that’s generally a good day…I have to force myself. I guess everyone is different, but I would also agree rather more than less as less is worse for you :see_no_evil:

(Jordan Branford) #5

Hey there! Just saw this.
Sara I don’t have a rule of thumb to be honest, I am unfortunately similar to Mandy as I don’t drink enough.
I would say considering this weather and camp at kite beach being so humid, it would be difficult to gauge how much we as individuals are losing.
Honestly in my experience the best thing you can do is to keep an eye on the color of your urine, obviously the darker the worse.
We should all be drinking enough water so that it looks similar coming out as it did going in :wink:

(Sara Hart) #6

Got it.
Guess I keep doing what I am doing … and always add an “extra glass”!
Thank you and see you tomorrow.:cup_with_straw::cup_with_straw: