Today was a hard day

(Hossein Jalali) #1

Today for me was a very difficult day, right from the morning I started it off with the wrong mindset, I was tired and all I could think about is “so what?” “It’s just 1 day” … :weary:

Anyways I was able to push myself to have a proper breakfast and get the day going, I missed meals until 4 pm where I was super hungry and really didn’t feel like having a “healthy meal”.

I made a deal with myself, go eat something healthy and if you are still hungry then eat anything you like. Honestly after the first bite of the the grilled chicken I felt like I was already 50% full and even finishing this meal itself is gonna be hard.

I started feeling better. I was really proud, for me that was quite an accomplishment and I reminded myself this.

Later at night I decided to end the day even better than most days and really turn the day around, put on headphones and some nice music and went jogging/walking.

What I learned from the day is this:

  1. Always start the day fresh and with positive thoughts, feel good, remind yourself that today is a step forward in achieving your goals. Already a lot of it is done. Tomorrow you will feel even better because of the right decisions you made today. Imagine yourself as the person you are going to be by the end of the 8 weeks. Lighter, healthier, more agile, more stamina, better breathing and when you go into that changing room to wear a new shirt the person you see in front of the mirror will put a smile on your face.

  2. If you really feel hungry make a bet with yourself; for me it really works. First have a salad or a healthy meal and if you are still hungry then eat anything. I promise you will never reach the second meal.

  3. Remember when it comes to keeping the diet, it is 3-4 decisions a day that define if you failed or succeeded. Just 3 or 4 decisions that is all.

  4. Use your imagination and think of all the things you want to do when you reach your ultimate goals. For me it is basketball, being able to jump better, run more, and be more effective on my team. That really gets me pumped up to stick religiously to the plan.

Now that I am finishing the day I feel great, and I know I will even feel better tomorrow.

Good night.

(Mandy Milward) #2

Wow! Thank you for that message. It really helps. Especially weekends I find I have the same thoughts as things get crazy busy with the kids and I am not as organised as during the week. Its so easy to think, its one day…but I know the guilt tgat follows after working so hard. Still feeling inspired! Thank you