The do's and don'ts of your "before" and "after" photos

(Jordan Branford) #1

Taking a proper “before” and “after” photo is important for those who want to win the competition.
Below we will cover the do’s and don’ts of your before and after photos.

What to do

When taking a photo use the below listing as a checklist of items to consider:

  1. Make sure that your camera can take a high quality photo and upload in a high resolution file
  2. Lighting is very important, make sure that the light is pointing at you and not above you and therefore avoid throwing shadows on yourself
  3. The newspaper you are holding must be today’s date
  4. Hold today’s newspaper on your side so it does not cover your body
  5. When taking a photo get a picture of your full body
  6. Either stand facing the camera or exactly to the side

Holding today’s newspaper is essential to assure there is no cheating.

What not to do

When taking a photo use the below listing as a checklist of items to consider:

  1. Use a low quality camera
  2. Upload a low resolution file
  3. Upload a blurry photo
  4. Upload a photo that only shows part of your body
  5. Upload a photo that has no newspaper or a newspaper with an old date
  6. Upload a photo with the newspaper covering your body
  7. Upload a photo where you are wearing a baggy shirt that does not show your body shape

(Jordan Branford) #2

(Ver Fortune Myr Regencia) #3

Just a question. In your instruction it said “if you are not comfortable showing your face, you can take a picture from neck down to your feet.” My question. How can you verify if the before photo is the same person on the after photo if the face is not seen?

(Hossein Jalali) #4

@Ver_Fortune_Myr_Rege Thanks for getting in touch and a very good question indeed.
What we usually do is request from these people to have a “before” photo where their face is showing saved on their phone or laptop but not to share with us. Should they win and come to collect the prize we ask them to bring along that photo where their face is visible to show to Jordan; this is the only way we will be able to validate they are authentic and keep the process fair yet discreet as well.

I hope this helps.

(Shaik Mohiuddin) #5

how to take the picture for weight measurement? Should the weight be measured on 2nd of October only? If I start my workout from today, can I take todays picture and weight?

(Hossein Jalali) #6

Hey Shaikden,

The challenge begins on the 2nd of Oct. so even if you start now we need you to take the picture on 1st and 2nd of Oct. to make it fair to others since the challenge is 8 weeks.

That is why we need you to use the newspaper that shows the date 1st or 2nd of October to assure no one has an early start.

In terms of how to take a picture please review this post as well as check out some of our facebook images from previous participants to get a better idea.

Good luck :slight_smile:

(Wajdi Felemban) #7

I have a Question.

In the timeline of challenge, it says the deadline the after photo submission date is on 30th November, but the challenge ends on 25th November.
Does that mean I should take the photo on 25th November only and submit it by 30th November ; or I can take the photo and submit anytime between 25th November and 30th Novemebr?

(Hossein Jalali) #8

Hey Wajdi,
We offer a 5 day window from when the challenge ends for people to upload the after photo. You can submit it anytime between the 25th and 30th.

Hope this helps answer your question.

(Alvin Joseph Fernandez`) #9

Dear TBC Mentors,

Where are we going to upload the photos? Also, Is weight a part of the judging criteria for the transformation? Do we also need to upload weight pictures? (Weighing Scale?)

Thank you,


(Hossein Jalali) #10

Hey there @Alvin_Joseph_Fernand

Once you login on the website go to the “dashboard” area and scroll a bit down, you will see a box asking you to upload your before photo (you have till the 4th of October) once you do please also add your weight.

We do not just judge people based on their weight but on the transformation, this means someone could actually gain weight and be the winner. In the next few weeks we will explain more on how the judging panel judges the competitors.

Thank you and good luck tomorrow!!

(Abdullah Jassim) #11

HI Jordan,

Do we have to upload the front profile pic? Can I upload the side profile pic instead? Its because you cant see how big my waist from this front profile pic. Since the competition is judged on pictures.

(Hossein Jalali) #12

Hi! Side is also fine!

(Wajdi Felemban) #13

how can I know if the picture that I upload meet your requirements in terms of lighting ?. Please note that
I checked the facebook for examples. my picture quality as good as the facebook examples.

(Wajdi Felemban) #14

@hossj I noticed that the picture i upload has a shadow on my neck … Can I still change the picture ?

(Hossein Jalali) #15

Hey Wajdi

Of course. Just reupload over the old one.

(Wajdi Felemban) #16

One more question, if the whole body was taken but in semi side, pose… is it acceptable?

Or only front and side is acceptable?

(Hossein Jalali) #17

What does semi side mean? Something between front and side?

Ideally we prefer either side or front not other ways actually.

(Wajdi Felemban) #18

you are correct. something between front and side.

But I understand about the Ideal pose.

Thanks again for your support.

(Abdullah Jassim) #19

Hey, where can I upload my after pictures. I dont see anything where the after photo should be uploaded. Please respond asap as it is the last day of the challenge. Thanks.

(Hossein Jalali) #20

Please check this post it should explain what is required: The season is finished, don't forget to upload your after photos!