The Body Challenge 2.0 Website

(Hossein Jalali) #1

Hey Everyone,

This is Hossein :raising_hand_man:t2:; I am one of the partners of The Body Challenge and the guy behind the scene who runs the technical aspects of the website.

Over the past few months we have made some major changes to The Body Challenge website, this is basically the 4th version of the website however we are calling it 2.0 as the core technology in reality really changed this time around; one could say we built the new version from scratch but riding on 5 years of experience.

Our objective was very clear: β€œA simple straight to the point website” and we are very happy with the outcome. For that to happen we spent some time on the UI/UX, decreasing the number of pages and making sure you are not overwhelmed with content, finally implementing the easiest method of online payment possible as you will see should you decide to join our challenge.

We also made use of a very powerful forum tool which will help in building the day to day communication with you. We even decided that the company blog should be running as a category inside the forum.

If you have any issues or face any problems feel free to contact us through this forum or our social media accounts and I am sure someone from the team will get back to you the soonest.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new site.

Here is a look back at our older versions of the website:




(Hamza Debbihi) #2

Hi hussein,

It could be a nice idea to create an app for the body challenge. That way it will easier for poeple to use.

Just a idea and im sure you thought about it.


(Hossein Jalali) #3

Hey @Hamza_Debbihi

Yes we do have that in the roadmap, I also think it would be essential, hopefully we can get started on it soon. Thanks for the recommendation!