How is your progress?

(Hossein Jalali) #1

By now or very soon you should be getting complimented for trimming down. I hope everyone has still been able to stick to it.

If not it’s still not late. To regroup and start fresh. We still have time to become the best of ourselves.

Remember it all comes down to a few decisions a day on what to eat each day and a 45 minute workout a few times a week.

Good luck.

(Mandy Milward) #2

Hi Hossein,

so far still going strong. I managed to lose a few kilos really fast. I also have received some compliments saying I look like I have lost. The last week has kind of stopped as in I have not lost more this week. Numbers on the scale are steady, staying the same. Sticking with it for sure. Hoping the scale will budge again soon and in a downward number preferably hahaha.

(Kaalene Shale) #3

Where do I find the Home Workout visors please?
I’m away for a week and would like to stay focused!:wink::muscle:t3::facepunch:t2::crossed_fingers:

(Kaalene Shale) #4

Found the home workouts!
DONE - in Bonnie Scotland…
Sweating it out in the cold - BOOM SHAKA LUCKA!:boom:

(Hossein Jalali) #5

Awesome! Keep it up!

(Kaalene Shale) #6

And again!
Double BOOM :boom::boom: