Hi everyone its JORDAN

(Jordan Branford) #1

First of all I just want to say how great it is to have all of you involved in this challenge and I want to point out some important things that need to be focused on in order to get your maximum results.

  1. The Meal Plans
    No matter which one of the meal plans you’re following it’s crucial you follow it 100% in order for it work the way it is designed to. I will post another extreme fat loss meal plan from our original meal plans at the bottom of this post that some people were requesting. It’s boring but works and some people such as myself would rather have a very simple daily routine with the meals, than to be in the kitchen preparing.

  2. Home Workouts
    We will continue to post Home Workouts throughout the 8 weeks and I encourage all of the Beginners to try the Intermediate exercises and the same goes for the Intermediate participants in regards to the Advanced exercises. Over the weeks you will get stronger and fitter and if you are training from home it is going to be your job to not allow yourself to remain comfortable. Push yourself during the Tabata exercises to a point of failure, because Tabata intervals require a “max” effort during the 20 seconds of exertion. Embrace the burning sensation during the intervals because that lactic build up is the key to change.

  3. Stay Focused
    There are going to be days when you want to give up, eat bad or skip your workout… DON’T!!!
    It’s only 2 months and if you can just stay focused during these next 7 weeks you won’t have any desire to stop training and eating well in the end because the discipline and consistency with come naturally.
    Trust this process and trust me when I say when you stop for weeks it’s 10 times harder to start again and I tell you this from my own experience.




Breakfast - 1/2cup Oatmeal & 2 scrambled Whole Eggs

Snack - 1/2cup any Berries or half an Apple

Lunch - 3/4cup cooked White Rice with 6oz grilled Chicken Breast

Snack - 10 Almonds or 1 Tblsp of Peanut Butter

Dinner - 8oz grilled, Fish, Chicken or Beef with as much steamed vegetables as you desire

Pre-Bed Snack (optional) 1/2cup Cottage Cheese or Casein Protein Shake (1/2scoop)


Breakfast - 1cup Oatmeal & 3 scrambled Whole Eggs

Snack - 3/4cup any Berries or Apple

Lunch - 1cup cooked White Rice with 8oz grilled Chicken Breast

Snack - 15 Almonds or 1 Tblsp of Peanut Butter

Dinner - 10-12oz grilled, Fish, Chicken or Beef with as much steamed vegetables as you desire

Pre-Bed Snack (optional) 3/4cup Cottage Cheese or Casein Protein Shake (1scoop)

(Mandy Milward) #2

Totally syked up again. Thank you!!!