Day 2 of The Body Challenge - Still in it?

(Hossein Jalali) #1

So today was probably one of the most difficult ones, it was basically make it or break it moments. Things have settled and the hype of losing weight has gone away and when lunch time comes we need to make the big decision … excuses popping up in our head as to why it’s OK, just today, you did a nice workout yesterday you deserve it, …

That brain! Really is convincing sometimes. Some people have already cheated themselves.

Good news is, we still got time to rectify. If you are not one of them good job! Keep it up … We are all in it together.

Let’s not be this guy: :joy::joy:


(Mandy Milward) #2

So far so good…but I hear you with the brain thing :rofl: If I’ve lost surely can reward myself :yum: Very tempting…still going strong :muscle: