Day 1 of The Body Challenge - Who is with me?

(Hossein Jalali) #1

Hello to everyone who is attending the challenge today.

I just wanted to let you know that I have had A LOT of "day 1"s and honestly the first week is the most important and by far the most difficult of them all because:

  • This is a change in our habits, our daily routine, and it is outside our comfort zone
  • Working out is hard! Especially when you are just starting - on the up side there is nothing more satisfying than ending the first few days knowing you ate healthy and had a nice workout on top of it

Change is coming and anyone who sticks to their diet and workout will be astonished to see how quickly that happens.

Here are a few meme’s that sum up this day:


(Farah Yassine) #2

Hi Hossein,

Are you also taking part in the challenge?

I am so feeling every one of your memes as I munch on a banana as a snack before my grilled chicken lunch. Yay to 8 weeks of this! On a serious note, I am psyched about this challenge and can’t wait to meet everyone!!!

YALLA we can do this!!!

(Hossein Jalali) #3

Hey @Farah_Yassine ,

I sure am. I actually did it 3 years ago but went quite extreme and lost around 15kg (do not recommend it) in 2 months. I didn’t however maintain it well in these past 3 years (excuses such as Having a baby, broken ankle from basketball, etc.)

So I am back in it as well! Good luck! :muscle::muscle:

(Mandy Milward) #4

Hello everyone, yes I am with you all the way!!! Losing weight has been an up hill battle for 10 years!!! I feel this is my year to truly make the most of this and lose this desperately unwanted weight. Totally syked…may it last :muscle::muscle::muscle:

(Elizabeth Meffen) #5

I’m on board!!! Thanks for the group support. Trained harder than I have in a few years yesterday, and my mantra will be to be MINDFUL of my eating and training and my body.

Good luck!

(Hossein Jalali) #6

Awesome @Mandy_Milward and @Elizabeth_Meffen!

Remember first few days is the hardest … just need to push through it!