Clarity on meals

(Sacha Daswani) #1

Hi, I just signed up for the challenge and excited to start! Confused about the meals though- I want to start eating right ASAP but need some help. For example, the herbed egg omlette, how many eggs am I using? Thanks, Sacha

(Hossein Jalali) #2

Hi Sacha,
Great to have you on board!

Since you want to take the “Before” photo around the 30th just don’t lose too much weight! :joy:

In terms of the number of eggs we usually recommend 2 or 3 depending on body weight. Ideally most people would go ahead with 2.

This being said we are also uploading The Body Challenge meal plans as well along side the Pura ones to give you even more options, those will be up in a day or two (but of course before the challenge).

Good luck! :muscle: