At home training

(Elizabeth Meffen) #1


My friend and I both are doing the challenge but so far there is only one at home workout. Will there be more soon?

Thanks & good luck to everyone!


(Hossein Jalali) #2

Hi @Elizabeth_Meffen
Great to hear that! Actually we have 2 more coming up today.

Keep it up! :muscle:

(Elizabeth Meffen) #3

I see the workout, thanks. Question - for the tabata- we are meant to ONLY do tabata on the exercises that say tabata next to them? For example, for 13, we would do 8 x 20/10 sec rounds of lunges, one after the other, and then continue on to do the rest of the workout, just 1 round each (unless tabata)?

(Hossein Jalali) #4

Yes that is correct. Items are usually mentioned as one of the following:

  • X rounds
  • X minutes

If we have something that needs to be done more than once we will mention it as a repeat exercise.

Hope this clarifies.

Thank you.